8 Reasons for Summer Camp

I have been camping in an organized overnight venue since I turned 13.   I have had some of my greatest experiences and personal growth during my summers at camp. I have now been directing camps since 1990.

It never ceases to amaze me of how many families are missing out by not sending their kids to summer camp.   For various reasons, parents do not see any validity in spending their money to allow their kids to have a very unique experience.

Many types of camps have sprung up in the last five years.   Driving through towns I seen signs everywhere advertising different camps. . . . day camps, science camps, art camps, sports camps, traditional overnight camps ~ The list goes on….

Obviously, I lean toward organized overnight camping because that is where my personal experience has been.   There is so much that can be done when away from home for an entire week.

Why should parents even send their kids to camp?   Here are 8 reasons:

  1. campingYour son will meet new friends.   These friends aren’t necessarily going to be from your neighborhood or even from your town.   I have seen so many life-long friendships develop at camp. I can list for you right now the names  of people who are in their thirties and forties who met at camp, live miles apart and still are very good friends.
  2. Camp is a chance to step away from the ordinary.   Kids are used to playing video games all day, hanging out at the same mall, texting the same friends day after day. They need a change of pace to see the world differently. Camping offers just that.   To go to camp means to enter a world of so many different sights and sounds.
  3. New experiences await at camp.   Most camps offer activities that maybe your daughter has never experienced. It can be something simple like learning to canoe or exciting like mountain boarding.
  4. A new independence away from Mom and Dad happens.   Daily decisions are made at camp without parents entering in to those decisions. Counselors are there to guide and help, but ultimately campers decide what they want to eat at lunch, what activity they want to try today, etc.
  5. Of course, if it’s a traditional camp, nature will play a big part.   It’s not often in today’s busy world we lay out under the stars at night and try to find different constellations or boat on a beautiful lake.
  6. Good health is another consideration.   What a great way to keep good health.   Running all day in the great outdoors is so good for anyone.   The fresh air is great for the appetite and increases good health.   Lots of exercise can be had at camp.
  7. Camp is a confidence builder.   So many different experiences, meeting new people, trying new foods, stepping out of the ordinary actually builds confidence. Anytime, anyone is successful in “stepping out”, their confidence goes up another level. And that’s a wonderful thing for your children!
  8. Christian camps such as Teen Quest offers transformation. We play hard but we also share Christ’s love and forgiveness with campers.   Each camper is given the chance for change whether they are ready to receive Christ or ready to take a step forward in serving Him sincerely.

Our Teen Quest camps offer all of these reasons to send your kids to camp. Our goal is to build many good character traits into your child during their stay at one of our camps. We introduce activities they maybe haven’t tried before and we host campers from throughout the Eastern Seaboard and many other states so they will make friends from everywhere.   We host year-round camps ~ weekends during the spring, fall and winter. Week-long camps beginning with elementary ages, going through high school during the summer months.     We also host mission camps each summer, both abroad and here in the states.

Check us out at TeenQuest.org





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Rosemary Carroll Buchanan

Mark and Debbi, I began sending my daughter, Amie, to your camp when she was just 10 years old (late 80’s)- it has been an experience that she has never forgotten. She was able to go on a missions trip with you to Mexico when she was 11 and worked as a peer counselor for a few years into her teens. She was part of your drama team and she eventually went to college to pursue a degree in drama and missions. It wasn’t until we moved further away that it was difficult for me to get her there for the summer weeks. As a single parent, you both helped me get through some difficult times and were such a positive influence on Amie’s life that I could never adequately express my gratitude. I was so glad to see that you are still up and running now for our grandchildren to be able to attend your camp and have many memories to carry into their adult lives.

Thanks so much for your kind words, Rosemary. I notice Amie’s facebook posts occasionally and am so
glad she is passing her love for the Lord on to her children. God bless you all and please keep in


I loved going to camp it was the best time of my life I meet a lot of people and got closer with god and others I would like to thank everyone there I will hopefully come back soon

Hi Alexa! I’m so glad you had fun at the Ranch and your
heart was open to let God speak to you. Keep trusting
Him and I wanna see ya back next year!!

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