Did your kids receive new gaming systems or a smart phone for Christmas? If your child has
a smart phone, computer and gaming system, how do you protect him from predators, hacks,
and bullying? It’s going to take diligence on your part to keep him safe.

Play it safe while gaming.

1.  Ask your child questions about whom they play against, how much information they
give them and how to respond if they feel threatened when gaming. Find out exactly
what kind of games are being played and if too much information could be given out

2.  Set rules about what kind of games can be played. Require your child to ask you before
purchasing a new game. Don’t let him have free access to your credit card or debit card
with his own purchase power without your permission.

3. Find out who he is playing against. Share with your child that he should never agree to
meet someone “outside” of the game.

4. Set time limits.

5. Put the computer in a central location in your home. Don’t allow gaming in bedrooms
or out of the way basements.

6.  Instruct your child to never give his location. Make sure he understands not to put
down his location when registering a game.

7. Monitor all games played. A great idea! Ask to play with him. Be involved.

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