7 Steps to Avoiding Youth Leader Burn Out

Recently I attended a panel discussion by some experienced youth leaders at the Pittsburgh Youth Workers Conference* on how to avoid burnout. This is a very important topic since youth leaders have a high burn out rate.

Here are some tips to prevent burn out:

  1. Surround yourself with mentors, people who will support you, and provide accountability.
  2. Have a non-negotiable day off, and stick to it.  Don’t answer the phone or texts.
  3. Have an family adventure plan.  Have a list of things that you want to do as a family.
  4. Know yourself, know your needs.
  5. Know when your slow season is, and slow down.      i.e.  November is usually slow.
  6. Diversify whom you will spend time.
  7. Sabbath.  This doesn’t mean a day. This means “Chill”. Read an inspiring book, listen to audio books, go on hike, visit a museum, sleep, feed your soul.

If you have other tips you can offer on how you avoid burn out, please let us know.  We are here to help each other.

*The Pittsburgh Youth Workers Conference panel on avoiding burn out included Dave Barr, Scott Wakeley, Alex Ruzanc and Joe Williams


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