Raise Money for a Retreat in 60 Days !piggy bank
Would you like to take your students to an event at the Teen Quest Ranch or another Christ-centered event?   But, there is no money?
Money is available!  You can indeed, raise the needed funds in less than 60 days.
First, let’s focus for a minute on the life of today’s teen.
Most teens have a smart phone, tablet, or a computer. They are “plugged in” to instagram, twitter, FB, snapchat, and other forms of social media.  Teens will on average go see a movie at least 2 times monthly … very often, up to 5 times.  They will add popcorn and soda while there, for an average cost of $20 per movie.
Families and teens will buy pizza at least one time a month and most likely go to Starbucks every morning.  Each of these will cost $20 by the end of the week.
Teens and friends get together to eat out at least one time a week. They will spend at least $20.Other ways money will be spent: gaming devices, apps, a movie for the DVD at home or a download on their device.  Music downloads, ear buds, and other items for their listening pleasure are also on the menu.
Explain to your students that you would like to take them to a retreat where they will deepen their faith, get closer to God, learn what the Bible says about everyday events they face, and well, just have fun!
At Teen Quest they will get to play paintball, laser tag, Frisbee golf and other fun and unusual sports.  They will have the opportunity to ride horses, go mountain boarding, try out a climbing wall, archery and a ton of other activities. They will get a chance to “hang out” with teens in their youth group and meet new people as well.
Today, everyone in every age group is “busy”.   It’s easy to get caught up in the “world” and forget to put aside time for prayer and devotions.   Adults and teens alike have trouble adding to our plans our time and money for spiritual things.
You, as a leader of students can teach your them valuable life lessons –  how to prioritize time, make immediate sacrifices for a long-term goal, and how to be good stewards of their money and time.  You can assist them in their stewardship of the gifts God has given them while being careful not to “guilt” anyone into raising money for God, but instructing them on how to budget their spending.
They can learn how to delay an immediate “need” for a long-term goal.  We have developed a plan to help your teens and their families “prioritize” their time and money for an upcoming special event.
Giving your students tools, you can help your teens and their families to achieve set goals.
1.    Lay out the purpose of your fundraising.  Make sure your fundraising purpose is clear to your students.   Get them on-board with the project by explaining to them thoroughly why they need to participate fully.   Explain how fundraising can actually become “friend- raising” as they engage others in their desire to attend a retreat, camp, or be actively involved in missions.
2.    Challenge students and their families to take ownership of this quest.  Take time to meet with your students’ parents to explain how this idea works and what the benefits will be to their child, the youth group, and even your church family.
3.    Pass out paper and pencils and ask students to make a list of some of the ways they spend their money. They do not have to share the amount of money with you or anyone else. You can show them the checklist we have developed for your own use.
4.    Ask them to spend 8 weeks redirecting some of their spending habits.   They will get to choose how little or how much, when, and how they put money aside. The total for each week should be $20 saved, or $10 saved with donors matching this amount to be $20 total. Instruct the students to ask their families to join them and make this a family project.
5.    Show them the “savings plan” checklist.  Allow them to choose what they are “giving up” Give them a list to check off what they will give up each week for approximately 8 weeks. Each week they can look at the list and choose what they will give up that week. They will then put that money in a jar or envelope marked with the name of the event:   “Teen Quest Retreat”.
6.    They will give a letter to grandparents, neighbors and church friends asking them to match dollar for dollar, a designated amount for a week.   Ie: “Grandma, if I give up going to a movie and put $20 in the jar over the next 60 days, will you match this amount?? (This amount could be as little as $5 for a coffee.)
Download your   SAVINGS PLAN    checklist here !
Download a copy of a    LETTER TO PARENTS    that you can personalize here !
What are some ways your group has been successful in raising funds for retreats, trips and camps?   We would love to hear from you!   We would love to hear from you!!!     quest@teenquest.org       814.444.9500


  • Pst. Yabvou Barnabas
    Posted April 19, 2016 9:03 am 0Likes

    This plans on saving will do my church youth help and even their parent in raising funds for our camp by December

    • Debbi
      Debbi Witt
      Posted April 19, 2016 11:13 am 0Likes

      That is so AWESOME!!!! Let us know if here is anything else we can do for you and
      your students. We have many different camps, retreats and mission opportunities for
      your students year round – give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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