Budgeting Youth Mission Trips doesn’t need to be hard. Here are some guidelines.

budgeting youth group mission trips
It has been said, “The gospel is free, but ministry is not.”
This is so true!
As you prepare for the best short term mission experience you can give your students, you’ll have to put something into budgeting.
Everyone is so excited about missions and they are packing their bags. The responsibility lies with you, as their leader to get them to the field.
Ideas Ideas! – that’s what you need.
It takes money to take your youth group on this experience of a lifetime and YOU have to figure out your budget and what you will need to charge your students to take part.

Following are 6 things to be considered as you budget.

1) The Field

  • There are many fields of ministry to choose from, whether in the U.S. or abroad.
  • Take into realistic consideration how much your students can raise in support.

2) Transportation

  • Parking if you are leaving your vehicles at the airport parking while you are gone.
  • Mileage for your vehicle. The United States Government standards says it costs 56¢ per mile to operate a vehicle. Take this into account when figuring travel costs.
  • Rental of a vehicle.
  • Transportation on the foreign field. Cost of van rental in foreign countries is very expensive and needs to be checked into ahead of time.
  • Airfare. Find out about group rates. Shop around for the best deal. Book early; it’s can be difficult booking a group of people on the same flight.

3) Food Costs

  • Figure out how to feed your group while on the field.
  • Are you familiar with food costs food on your field of ministry?
  • Will your group be fed by a mission or church where you will be staying?

4) Leaders

  • Cover the cost of your key leaders in the price of the students’ cost.
  • Take your total key leader cost and divide it among the price for the students.

5) Extra Expenses

  • We always travel with extra cash for unforeseen happenings.
  • I make sure our key leader has $500 in their possession.
  • Make sure it’s in cash, not travelers cheques.

6) Project Expenses

  • Figure the total amount you will need to complete the project you will be working on and divide that total among the students.
  • Don’t hide what you’ve included in the price of the mission trip from your students and their parents. This is all part of missions and everyone will be blessed as they realize it takes the entire team to make it happen.

Can you think of something that might come up when budgeting?

Choosing a mission organization that has everything in place for your group when you arrive is a great idea to start if you’ve never taken your students on a trip.
Our mission trips offered by Teen Quest include everything you need for a successful mission experience without the hassle of budgeting every detail.
We offer you and your students a short term mission experience that will not only reach many for Christ, but teach your students about missions and give them a life-long passion for missions.

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