Related imageGiving to the Lord is a lost teaching in the Church. Many churched kids do not know how to give to the Lord’s work. There isn’t much teaching in the Church about giving.

Giving is an important part of worship. God wants us to give back to Him joyfully and willingly.

Let’s begin today as leaders of youth teaching them to give.

I remember my parents began teaching me about tithing when I was a young child by giving me a quarter to put in the offering in my Sunday school class. Today, offering is not even taken in Sunday school.

Maybe it’s time to speak to your pastor and/or elders in your church and explain the importance of this part of our worship of our Lord.

Here are three principles my parents taught me about giving –

Principle One:

Budgeting can free your income so you can give more to the Lord’s work. Unfortunately,many have not been taught the proper way to handle money and it becomes a burden instead.When taught to budget at a young age one can realize that it’s not how much money we have but it’s how we handle it. . . a very important principle to learn so we can further God’s kingdom through finances.

When my siblings and I were very small, our parents began teaching us how to handle money.Dad and Mom gave us an allowance; it wasn’t a large amount of money, but it was given to begin teaching us about budgeting our finances while we were young.

Their used the“envelope” method. It was very simplistic but loaded with principle. We were given three envelopes labeled“God”,“Savings”and“Me”. We were taught to put 10 % into the envelope marked “God”, and 40% into“Savings” and 40% into“Me”. (Later in life, the principle of adding more to God than 10% was taught.)

This taught me early in life how to budget and it has been a lesson well learned.

Principle Two:

Volunteering is giving. Giving doesn’t stop with just money as some believe. My parents also taught us giving through volunteerism. This is definitely beginning to be a lost art. Alot of people have their hand out waiting to be paid for any position they hold in the church or organization where they give their time.

There are many opportunities to give of one’s time without desiring to be compensated.Many churches are in great need for folks to give of their time teaching, watching children in the nursery, cleaning, visiting the sick, etc. Let ’s teach our students how to ask where they can be a help to make the church a better place for folks to come and hear the gospel. Or better yet, make a list for them to choose from and orchestrate your students to volunteer.

God’s desire is to bless us. He tells us to seek His kingdom first in Matthew 6:33 and He also tells us in Luke 6:38,“Give and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

He tells us these things because He operates within the principle of sowing and reaping. He wants to bless us. Let’s teach students these three principles and practicing them ourselves.I know we’ll all see a lot more of God’s great blessings.


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