Berwyn United Methodist Church – Snow Camp

Transcription of Interview

Chris Padot with Berwyn United Methodist Church.

We’re here at Snow Camp, Teen Quest Ranch.

We had an amazing time. I brought several of my guys [youth] from the church. And had no idea what to expect. It’s been nothing but a lot of fun excitement and energy.

The people here at Snow Camp Teen Quest have done an amazing, amazing job, at keeping them [the youth] engaged. Keeping them having fun [with] contest, prizes and just all kinds of craziness. I never knew so many snow games existent. Lot of fun, lot of fun, lot of fun!

I would encourage anyone to come out here.

The spiritually side of things is also amazing. They have a great speaker. The guys got a great heart. Has the great ability to engage and connect with kids. I saw a lot of lives changed in a short period of time and even within my own camp. I would encourage anyone to do this.

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