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Fear To Faith

January 3, 2018 0 Comments

God places dreams in our hearts and it’s up to us to follow these dreams wherever they may lead. It’s all about faith which grows as we surrender more of our lives to this crazy awesome King we serve (Jesus).

Josh Knipple and I have long thought about writing a book for students that is simply put….REAL. We have learned more from people being honest about their flaws and failures rather than masking their imperfections with the idea of perfection. Jesus is so incredibly awesome that we couldn’t help but write this book – Skydiving with Jesus in a way we thought teens would respond with action. Faith without works is dead” and when we surrender to Jesus, the adventure begins. Our lives should not be boring if the King is in it.

Here is the idea behind our book….

Abraham left his hometown for a promise. Moses parted the Red Sea. Joseph saved his family and the country. David conquered Goliath. Elijah rode out on a chariot of fire. Peter walked on water.

We may think these stories are crazy, yet scripture is filled with them. The beauty is that these stories didn’t stop 2000 years ago. They continue to this day, because the same God that lived and breathed within these men still exists and He lives and breathes within believers around the face of this world today.

Did you catch that? Can you imagine sitting down around a campfire and talking to these men at the end of their lives asking, “Hey, tell me what that was like when you saw God move.” To your surprise, they just look at you and say something you can’t believe, “You can have the same experience, the same type of God story as I do.”

In this book Chad and I want to challenge the ordinary, push you to your limits where all you can do is trust that God is greater than your circumstance and fear. We want to see young and old come to life, and truly start living out what the Christian Life is all about.

This book is written in a way that makes you feel like we’re sitting right there talking with you, going through this life together. We hope you like it and prepare yourself to go on a journey that only God can author. To live a life that others can’t believe while sitting on your back porch, you are now the one being asked, “Tell me what was it like to see God move!”

This book is a 31 day journey that can be used as a journal. There are questions at the end of every chapter to help you interact with what you have just read. Life is a journey and when you have moved from fear to audacious faith in Jesus, it is never boring!

Your entire youth group to can experience this journal together. It deals with subjects such as the incredible thought that we are alive at all, fear, relationships, anxiety, being in awe of God, making good choices, identity, following Jesus and much more.


About the Author:

Chad Brown has a passion to see people thrive in their relationship with Jesus. After leaving the church for a while as a young man, his life was transformed by the love of Jesus. Chad developed a modern and appealing approach to ministry. His passion for the church and youth culture allow him the ability to capture audiences with his energy. He loves his wife, kids, surfing and the Lion King!! He absolutely loves how crazy his God is for us all!

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