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Pricing (per person)

$15 – At the door

$12 – with online coupon
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$10 – Pre-registered
with 10 or more
($50 pre-deposit)

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Spinning The Tale…

It was October 28, 1929 America seemed to be ok economically. Herbert Hoover was the President of the United States and won by a landslide. Everything seemed to be just fine in America. America seemed to be prospering and everyone was enjoying life and the fruits of their labors.

The employees of the Monongahela Valley Trust company were busy at work. The board was having their monthly meeting. Folks were proud of their new modern bank building and business couldn’t have been better

Folks had a lot of money invested in that bank and they knew their money was safe in Monongahela Valley Trust

The head honchos and the bank president, had his offices located in that bank building. In fact the top two floors were filled with bank employees… Secretaries, bookkeepers, accountants, and some of the rooms were rented and occupied by all kinds of people… Doctors lawyers, dentists, etc

It just seemed like one happy family at Monongahela Valley Trust.

The next day on the morning of Tuesday October 29th at 9am the employees arrived at work.
Employees sat at their desks and began their days tasks when a terrible storm ripped through Monongahela and the upstairs of the bank was in a mess. Power lines were down, windows were popped out, flashing lights were going off and it was a terrifying.

The sky was dark and the storm was raging and when the old clock struck 10 lines began forming outside the bank as folks were coming in to withdraw their money.

The Bank president just got word that the stock market had crashed and he needed to close the bank at once at the same time he was dealing with all the damage the storm was creating. Since the bank president was in the upper floor and the lights went out, he had no idea that his bank foyer was filled with people demanding to withdraw all their money from the bank.

This did not go well for hundreds of Monongahela citizens who were inside and 1000 more waiting to get in. All panic broke lose and what happened upstairs in the bank building no one will ever understand. It seems like everything and everyone went crazy. Nobody can believe this has happened to this hometown bank, but it did.

When the bank president looked from the balcony to see the panic crowds as they were quickly running into the bank during the terrible storm. As soon as Mr Smith started speaking to the crowd, two gangsters (Baby-face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd types) break into the room trying to hold up the bank shooting into the air and screaming. Mr. Smith knew he and the bank was in trouble so he rushed upstairs to talk to the board.

When the board members heard what was happening they were in shock as they were conducting their annual shareholders meeting upstairs in the second floor. The bank president got into an argument with certain board members and down the hallway shot one of them. He then went into his executive offices and took down two of his top executives and carried them into the freezer room. In his dispair he hung himself in his office knowing this was the only way out of this mess. Bank officers were running in the halls in a panic. Secretaries were screaming, bank tellers were running in the hallways looking for a way to get out. With the storm still raging and people entering the building were demanding to see the bank officers, all panic broke lose. As people rushed into the bank they pushed their way upstairs to the doctors and dentist offices and all the bank offices a place of horror. Everything and everybody was out of control and panic set in.

The folks soon realized that they should not have gone upstairs at the Monongahela Valley Trust and thousands of townspeople soon realized that October 1929 was a day they would never forget

Please do not enter if you have coffin spells, heart problems, a nervous condition or panic attacks.   You will not be the same when you encounter the bank. Be on guard… because you are about to enter… SCAREMARE.

Dates & Times

Friday & Saturday Nights In October

Ticket office opens at 6:00pm
Ticket office closes at 11:00pm

(Groups please call 814 444 9500 to pre-regsiter your spot with a $50 deposit.)

*PLEASE NOTE: This attraction is intense. We recommend children under the age of 13 be accompanied by a parent or guardian.