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Adopt A Horse At the Teen Quest Ranch


Why Teen Quest has a horse program ~

When a camper rides a horse at the Teen Quest Ranch, not only does she experience the joy of the open countryside, and develop a bond with a horse, but she will also grow both physically and emotionally. Horseback riding increases balance, motor function, and sensory integration.

Riding a 3,000 pound horse has an enormous effect on anyone’s self-esteem, building a sense of self control, self-discipline and accomplishment. Kids of all abilities are invited to participate in this activity.  Learning to follow directions, overcoming fears, and developing trust in new situations are all benefits.

To a teen, all they know is that they just had an exhilarating ride, with a non-judgmental, furry, and quite beautiful friend.

horseWhat does it mean to Adopt a Horse ?

Throughout the year hundreds of students participate in our equestrian program at the Teen Quest Ranch. We believe the horse program is a big help for students. When you adopt you help keep this program strong.

In order to provide tender loving care (Farrier work- grain- food- vet fees- horse care, etc) for our  herd, we need about $100 a month to support each animal.

We are asking friends of Teen Quest to Adopt a Horse of their choice with a gift of $100, $50, or  $30 each month.

We will send you a picture of your adopted horse and will keep you updated every several months. You will also be welcome to come to one of our Open Houses, or Round Ups to ride the horse different times during the year.

How to Adopt your Horse ?

Pray about your involvement and pick one of our horses from below and the adoption amount you would like to give. We will send you a tax receipt on behalf of your horse with any updates or information you need to know. Click here to download our printable horse brochure.


Meet the Herd. . .



A beautiful Tennessee Walker, Phantom loves to have her mane groomed.  She is a great line horse, and knows the routine very well.   She is a great horse for beginners; even the most timid rider will relax when they see how easy she is to ride.



A Teen Quest legend. He is a sturdy, smart Paint that can be great in the line, or as a lead horse.  He has been part of our Teen Quest family for a long time.  He was the alpha horse for many years; recently he decided to semi-retire.   Cowboy loves his forehead rubbed; he just melts.   He acts tough, but at heart he is a big softie.



A Thoroughbred – Haflinger cross, Cassie was born at Teen Quest. She is the youngest of our herd and eager to please and be part of our line.  She was named in honor of one of our teens who loved horses, but has gone to be with her Lord.



Sunny is a gaited Palomino.   We have been told he is a Tennessee Walker, but he looks more like a Rocky Mountain Horse.    He is great for all types of riders, though he is on the short side.   He wears a bit-less bridle and is in tune to leg pressure.



A chestnut Suffolk draft horse.  She is slow, and will not spook at anything! Not for riders who like a horse with “get up and go”, but she will be happy to just eat on the trail and take her time, if she is allowed.  She will trot if you insist, but prefers to take her time.



Dixie is our Chestnut Mississippi Fox Trotter. She is  older, but has lots of “get up and go”.   She loves to lead and prefers adventures to boring rides.   She is very attentive, & listens to everything you say.   Dixie is gaited.



He truly is the king, and alpha male of our herd.   He actually got his name from being a smooth ride. He rules the herd and loves his role. He is a great horse and can handle average to big riders. He does best with confident riders, even if they are beginners.  We believe he is a dapple grey Percheron cross.


Midnight Jack

A black Quarter horse cross.  She is a gentle horse, but great for larger riders. She is happiest when she is with her sister, Calypso. They have lived  in the same field together all their lives before coming to Teen Quest.